John McMillan Profile John McMillan,
Graduated from San Diego State University with a Masters of Business Administration and his bachelors at University of California, San Diego, double majoring in Urban Planning and Psychology. He has been working in renewables and clean technology since 2006, with experience in utility scale wind energy development, industrial and residential solar projects and supported a variety of early-stage technologies in a DOE funded accelerator program facilitated by the SDSU Research Foundation.


Repower today to preserve tomorrow!


Repowered Planet, S.P. is dedicated to providing easy and affordable access to renewable energy to individuals underserved by their utility company. Our hope is to provide all students, renters and condominium owners with an economical renewable energy option, so that we can all run on 100% clean, renewable energy. Together we must defend our environment, fight climate change and support the “green” energy movement, which creates thousands of jobs and supports the local and national economy.


Repowerd Planet, S.P. obtains Renewable Energy Credits’s (REC’s) from one of the largest renewable energy developers in the world. We strive to provide our customers with REC’s sourced from facilities located near them, which helps ensure that the economic benefit of the REC purchase supports their local economy. The sale of REC’s helps subsidize current renewable energy projects and encourages further investment, which promotes the shift to cleaner energy, energy independence and a green economy.