Step 1: Determine Your Energy Needs.

Determine the amount of energy you are trying to offset with a REC purchase. We sell RECs in predefined quantities, which satisfies the needs of the vast majority of our customers. Even if you do not know your exact energy consumption, by simply clicking on the REC option that most closely matches your living situation you can be confident you are offsetting a consumed amount of energy that closely matches your actual usage.**

Step 2: Select Your REC.

Please choose between our predefined options: Dormitory, Apartment, Small, Medium or Large Home, or Custom. All our RECs are sourced from wind farms in various locations across the country, which means we will do our very best to source your REC from a facility located in your region.

Step 3: Purchase the RECs.

Repowered Planet accepts PayPal and a majority of major credit cards through Strip. These companies handle hundreds of millions in transactions, thus you can be sure your financial information is securely transmitted and kept strictly confidential.

Step 4: Receive Your Certificate!

After purchasing your RECs, Repowered Planet retires the REC(s) from the energy source nearest you on your behalf, giving you credit for the RECs environmental benefits. Next, we mail you a certificate that states the total kilowatt-hours of electricity that your purchase covered and a “I run on 100% clean, renewable energy. Should you choose, we will also tag you on one of our social media pages!


If you wish to be 100% sure that you have offset enough energy to cover your entire usage please select the “Custom” REC option. You can determine your exact energy consumption by reviewing the previous 12-month consumption information. This can be obtained by calling your utility provider or reviewing your monthly utility bill. Next, add enough of our REC product, which comes in a 500 kilowatt-hour unit, to the cart to cover your entire consumption, rounding to the nearest amount above your consumption.