Tired of the same old fundraising routines? Do you want to earn extra income? Want to market a product that impacts the world?

Do you want to do something great for the environment, for future generations, and the world while raising funds for your organization, club, school, non-profit, sport league or any worthy cause? Greening your friends, family, and community help sustains our environment and can help you meet your fundraising needs. This is a solution where everyone is benefited, literally!

Repowered Planet, S.P. is committed to the environment and our community. We make it easy for any individual or organization to earn money by encouraging the purchase of RECs from our company. Our program is designed to to provide incentive for you to further the cause of cleaning the environment by rewarding you with considerable commission on each REC purchase that is created through your efforts.

Individual affiliates or organizations will keep 20% of the funds raised through the sale of our RECs. Contact us today at Fundraising@getrepowered.com to get the process started or to learn more!

Once we enter into an agreement individual or organization names will be viewable in the drop down menu listed on each product at the point of sale. The folks you send to our site simply have to select your name from the drop down menu and complete the purchase. We take care of the rest!

Repowered Planet, S.P. uses renewable energy sources from across the United States for our program. All products support new renewable energy growth and sustain existing renewable energy resources. The more RECs your organization sells, the more that can be invested into renewable energy across the country.

Each REC purchaser will receive a certificate of acknowledgment showing that they have gone green through your organization, along with our “I run on 100% clean, renewable energy!” sticker for their home or car. There are no contracts for your customers to sign and no obligation to continue purchasing after the original term of their purchase.

Contact us today at Fundraising@getrepowered.com to get the process started. Together we can make the world an even better place!