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2.25 MWh of RECs – The typical individual living in an condominium style setting uses approximately 2.25 megawatt-hours of energy per year.

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Product Description

This is our Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) product for an individual living in a condominium and represents the environmental attributes associated with  2.25 megawatt-hours (2,250 kWh) of renewable energy generation. With the purchase of this product 2.25 megawatt-hours of RECs will be retired by Repowered Planet on behalf of the Recipient. The Recipient will receive a Renewable Energy Certificate describing the renewable energy offset, as well as, a “I run on 100% clean, renewable energy” sticker! Purchasing this REC should offset the energy consumed by an individual, living a condominium type setting, for approximately 1 year.* This is equivalent to:

Coal Icon  Reducing atmospheric carbon emissions by 3,527 pounds!

Forest Icon Carbon sequestered by 1.3 acres of US forest in one year!

Coal Plant   Not burning 1,667 pounds of coal!

Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are a product of renewable energy generation that any individual can purchase to reduce the environmental impact of their everyday activities. RECs serve the role of laying claim to and accounting for the associated attributes of renewable-based generation.  As renewable generators produce electricity, they have a positive environmental impact, reducing the need for fossil fuel-based generation sources to meet consumer demand. RECs embody these positive environmental impacts and convey these benefits to the REC owner.

Purchasing RECs is an effective way to green up electricity and neutralize carbon emissions!!

When energy is produced form renewable sources two commodities are produced, the energy (in the form of electrons) and RECs. As the electrons enter the national transmission grid, the electrons produced from renewable sources become indistinguishable from the electrons produced by traditional, carbon emitting sources. This is the reasoning behind the creation of RECs, as they contain the legal right to the environmental attributes associated with the renewable energy production.

The purchase of RECs directly supports existing renewable energy projects and encourages the development of future clean energy projects around the country, which positively impacts the local and national economy!

RECs are also called green tags, green credits, renewable certificates, renewable credits and Tradable Renewable Certificates (TRCs).


*Repowered Planet cannot guarantee that 2.25 megawatt-hours of RECs will be enough to cover a person living in an apartment building for an entire year due to variations in weather, heating/cooling systems, personal energy usage and numerous other unique inputs. To ensure exact coverage please consult your utility provider to determine previous years energy consumption and purchase that amount (rounded to the nearest .5 MW) from our “Custom” REC product.