Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

Renewable Energy Credits avoid the emission of carbon dioxide and other pollutants. Each Renewable Energy Credit (REC) you purchase offsets the carbon dioxide emissions from 1,000 kWh of consumed, dirty electricity. This helps to preserve our climate and combat the rising global temperature.

Access to Options

Students, renters and condominium owners have very few options when it comes to purchasing renewable energy. It is virtually impossible to install renewable energy at their residence and utility companies provide little to no choice in their “renewable” options. Repowered Planet provides affordable access to renewable energy to anyone, anywhere.

Save Money on Renewable Power

Going “GREEN” with your energy is more affordable than many people think! The average person can add renewable energy credits to the conventional power they already consume for less than 10Ā¢ per day!

Create Demand for Renewable Energy

Buying RECs helps to create demand for renewable power, which drives the development of new renewable energy projects and bringsĀ much-needed economic development in the typically rural communities in which these projects are built.

Drive the “Green” economy revolution

The renewable energy projects you purchase RECs from are not just creating emission-free energy, they are also creating jobs and supporting the local and national economy.